Celebrating its 25th year of operation in 2015, d’Bronx is a Kansas City favorite and one of the few local combinations of New York-style deli and pizzeria. Each of the two D’Bronx locations reflects the neighborhood surrounding it, delivering personality and superior quality. Fresh is the focus, with roasting, baking, preparing and making most everything in each D’Bronx location for a “cook driven” experience.
Our pizzas are hand-tossed by trained professionals and prepared fresh each day with a proprietary sauce blend and premium toppings. Our deli meats and cheeses are hand chosen by the owner to ensure our customers get the best flavor for the best value. We cook our corned beef (and all other meats) in-house and slice it fresh to make our Rueben sandwiches truly exceptional. Even our desserts are baked daily by our very own pastry chef!

d’Bronx was conceived in The Bronx, New York where the original owner’s father owned a deli shop. She and her husband brought her father’s deli and family recipes to Kansas City and opened the original d’Bronx on Bell Street. The popularity of their authentic deli and its family recipes, along with the addition of New York-style slices led them to expand their business to Crown Center.

After many years of success, the two decided to retire and sold their treasured shop to someone who is just as dedicated to service, quality and locality as they were: Don Foringer. Don continues the original owners’ legacy through the use of quality ingredients, homemade food, top-notch service and family recipes that can never be replaced.